Sunday, July 26, 2009

Weird Brocolli

The brocolli I raised from seed is finally starting to make heads, but look how weird they are. Perhaps it is the raining weather?

Sunday, June 7, 2009


Cabbage look great this year. I have not had the cabbage moth like before. So, the lettuce is done and time to eat slaw. Nancy

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Strawberry Harvest Begins

I (weeded) and picked my first round of strawberries. I froze two quarts and David and I ate one. The patch looks real good with at least two more pickings. The cool weather has been a blessing for the lettuce, which we are still eating . I have had two meals of spinach. Other greens (mustard, collard, chard and kale) are coming along and will be ready soon. My broccoli and cabbage from seed are slow going? Not sure if they have enough time. My struggle this year is with bunnies. They ate a lot of peas and half my broccoli seedlings raised from seeds. What are you gonna do? I have most everything covered in chicken wire and netting, but they still tend to get through and under somehow. I have to go buy some more netting. My snow peas have been blooming a week and should make some peas real soon. The shelling peas are blooming also. Carrots, potato and radish are up and onions need weeding. We planted nine rows of beans for drying: pinto, red, white, and black. Like all home grown foods, they taste much better. If it is not too wet we will do some summer plantings on the weekend, I'll keep you posted.

Sunday, May 10, 2009


opps! the wire info was for Jan, not you Nancy! Good to see you found your way to the blog!
Happy Mothers Day, mothers! and what a glorious day it is!!

About the sunflowers, Nancy, you may try putting some chicken wire, tomato cages, or the like over the seed and let them get up a ways before pulling the wire off. I'm guessing some bird is eating the seed or the young sprouts...we know how good sprouts are! I LOVE your pics!

Last Falls spinach has bolted, flowering now, so the leaves are much smaller, we pull it up as we harvest to make room for something else (I'm always in need of more space this time of year!)Normally I'd let it go to seed but last year was a bumper crop, so I have plenty. March's planting is ready to pick now too. Spinach anyone??

Sno peas started blooming last week, the sugar snap shouldn't be far behind! Yea! Beets and carrots broke ground during last week rains...and did it rain. Everything else is looking pretty good. This year more than others I've noticed my timing has been better getting seeds or transplants in the ground...sowing seeds before the rain and transplanting between the showers or on cloudy evenings. I think it does make a difference.

The fringed phallicia is the tallest and most robust I've ever seen it! Must be all the rain. The larkspur, butter wort or wild mustard (I have to look it up) and thimble flower are waning, just a few stragglers. The wood poppy is getting her second wind as we are past peak.

Love to all my fellow gardeners, Michael

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Lenore's Garden is Online

Lenore will be posting soon!!!!with all her garden updates.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Frist Weeding

I spend the entire weekend weeding my rows. Peas are coming along with only a few eaten by rabbit. Spinach is doing well thanks to fish emulsion. We cleaned out the chicken house also, so I have plenty of fertilizer now. Once weeded, I found swiss chard, kale, onion and leeks sprouting from the seeds I planted a month ago. All are very small. Maybe it was too cold? I also found a meal of bok choy which I ate last night. The bugs were going at it, and a few had bolted already. Bok Choy does better in the fall. I planted some carrots like Mike suggested, as well as radish. Tomato seedlings are growing their second leaves :) That makes me happy, last year they just stopped at seedlings and never grew their second leaves. We have been eating lettuce one week now. Isn't it beautiful!!!